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Loading config using .scf file


I there any proven method of using the .scf file to load config on a new F5 (there are reasons due to which I am not able to use the .ucs file).

I have the scf file from a physical device which I am trying to load on a virtual one. Both devices are using same major OS release , i.e. 12.

Everything goes smoothly, until I get a syntax error of different sorts. Going back to the notepad++ file, I keep on correcting what the destination F5 says

Sometimes, it reports about the curly brackets }, sometimes it says unexpected element, partition, etc. and now it is the following error about which I am clueless:-


A cli preference with empty user attribute found. This cli preference, will be ignored.

Unexpected Error: "basic_string::at"


I have changed the management ip, device name in the source file to suit the destination.

Have only provided the management interface on the destination as if now.


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Hi, you have probably make some mistake in your syntax and so it is puking on that. However, you can also use

tmsh load sys config merge file <file path>

This loads a proportion of config, so you can load it a small amount at a time and you will probably find the issue that way. You can PM me your config if you want me to take a look

Hi Pete,

Thanks​ for looking into it, but I have already tried this command. Either the error is an unexpected "}" on any line of the script on the notepad++ file or something else. When I remove the } in that line , it gives another error and so on. I cannot share the config file due to obvious reasons