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Is it possible to have dynamic content in custom alerts? alertd/snmp


alertd uses patterns to match input received from syslog to specific alerts (explained here). Is it possible to use elements of the match in the alertd output?


Given a log entry 'Feb 18 17:29:03 tmm tmm[22973]: 01230002:4: Interface 0.3: link is down', which alertd matches based on the pattern "Interface %d.%d: link is down", I'd like to be able to extract the digit characters and inject them into the body of an email alert being sent.


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

That's a very interesting question - i haven't done it but the alert uses regex to detect the correct log so if you had 'Interface (.*?): link is down' then it may appear as $1



alert ALERT_NAME "Interface (.*?): link is down" { email toaddress="" fromaddress="root" body="Link $1 is down" }

Give it a try and let me know

had to try this but not the effect you hoped for, emails contains


Link $1 is down