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GTM health monitor connection refuesd

in the GTM setting , probing interval is 30 sec , timeout is 120 sec . I am not sure if the node under GTM response connection refused (TCP RST). before GTM mark the node down  still need to wait 120 sec ? 



The endpoint gets 120 seconds to respond but GTM will mark it down as soon as it gets an unhealthy response (TCP-RST)

thanks Brany , that infomration really helps me . I would like to know how detail about monitor work . do you have any reference link ? thanks 

LTM and GTM monitors have a few slight differences. But you can make a GTM monitor act more like an LTM monitor by checking the Ignore Down Reponse checkbox. This will give the endpoint the chance to reply with a healthy response for the entire timeout value before marking it down


Understanding differences between BIG-IP LTM and BIG-IP DNS monitors (