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F5 LTM upload a file issue




I'm pretty new with F5 and I'm changing an old F5 for a new one, all seems to be good, I can access to all websites and applications, but in a website there is a pop-up window that allows to upload files, I can select the file then clicked in upload but it didn't work, the pop-up windows does not show any error message and in the F5 I can't find anything relate to this in ltm logs, the file is just not uploaded. I tried to talk with dev team to ask about the communication process, but it looks like they even don't know, so, I want to know if you have any recommendation regarding in how to do the troubleshooting in here?


I'll appreciate all your recommendations. Regards


Hi Adolfo,


there are a couple of ways to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Try with a different browser ( I guess you did that already).
  2. Open the developer tools of your preferred browser (F12 or from the menu) - look for messages that could explain this behaviour.
  3. Try a tcpdump on the BIG-IP, look if you can identify an issue there.


If you are new to packet capturing, I will recommend you the following resources