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F5 Command Line to display VIP Details and Status to export to *.csv Table?


I have been fortunate enough to find the 2 F5 Posts so far where I can see the following;


  1. VIP, VIP IP Address and VIP Pool Hosts IP Addresses.
  1. VIP, VIP IP:PORT, VIP Pool, Pool Member IP:PORT

Ideally for me I would like to know what command Line I can use to be recorded by a PuTTY Log to give the same information as given by No.:2 with the Status of the VIP and the Status of Each VIP Pool Member, Up (Online), Down (Offline) or Disabled.


I have found other scripts on the F5 Web Forum Pages that will display the VIP and VIP Pool Member Status but not in a Format to be imported to a *.csv Table.


I will look forward to seeing the appropriate Command Line or alternatively how this information can be exported via the Web Gui?


Thank you in advance for your support.






Hello, I wrote a littel script to export config.

link to post I think you can use this as blueprint and change the "tmsh list" to "tmsh show" 

Hi NetSnoopy,


given link is not working , can you share the direct link of you script .


This forum Software is a bit creepy.

I can't add a link. Please search to:

(usefull) config export to csv for partitions

I found the devcentral article, but the script is mangled in there with leading '#' dropped from all lines which makes evaluating it messy.


Does it appear mangled to you ??

  - are you talking about the Code block shared here?


or something else?

Yes, that code block.. For example this is what I see for the 1st few lines [cid:image002.png@01D6E61B.AF282EC0] Note the missing leading hashes in lines 1,and I assume what are comments in lines 3 & 11 I see this when using firefox, chrome or edge; with Ublock Origin enabled or disabled. Hopefully I’m not doing something stupid 😉 Stephen

I don't think it's you   - thanks for the sharp eye. I mentioned it on that other record and hopefully NetSnoopy can correct it and let me know if it *happened to him* by our site migration.