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Context Root Not Found


Dear all

We have 1 web running on Websphere, IF user access to VIP F5 via url have path::retail >> access POOL1; else access to POOL2

but it have error when we running via F5.

If we using chrome: url: >>>> ac cess ==OK.

if we use chrome via VIP IP F5: >>> Context Root Not fount


Please help us.







I see two different url's in your screenshots. One going to /retail/ (bigip virtual server) one going to /retail/config/getConfig (to webserver).

Are you sure you are performing the same tests??





I sure Mr Kees. On Pool we only 1 member . But we have test và check that" if we use virtual server running service http > us can access it. (OK)

if use VS use https >> we have some request block >> access it with status loading .0691T000008u0fSQAQ.png0691T000008u0fIQAQ.png


You have mixed content on the webpage. Browser do not like this. (So HTTPS and HTTP content on the same site).

I see you are using IBM WebSphere. Did you configure it that it is using a SSL offloading proxy?




The custom property httpsIndicatorHeader manages HTTPS requests that are forwarded to an application server from an SSL offloader that is used in front of WebSphere Application Server. When an HTTPS request is received by an SSL offloader, it is redirected over HTTP to an application server by using WebSphere Application Server. The SSL offloader must be configured to add a special header that indicates that the original request was over HTTPS. The httpsIndicatorHeader property specifies the request header key name added by the SSL box. The application server checks this indicator to determine whether SSL is required. If it determines the request is SSL over HTTP, an HTTPS scheme is chosen.


Hi Mr Kees

What do you want us fix it ?.

We have config SSL Offloading on VS HTTPS use client profile with us certificate.



Hi Mr Kees

You said "The SSL offloader must be configured to add a special header that indicates that the original request was over HTTPS."

we need config on F5 or config Server.



This is from an IBM websphere website.

I am not a websphere expert but I think you need to configure websphere so it knows it is behind a SSL offloader.

And if needed insert the header on the BIG-IP.





OK thankyou so much