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Collecting VIP owner details


Hi Guys,


This is a non-technical questions...appreciate if you could direct me to the correct way to doing this


We have F5 load balancers where traffic to multiple applications is passing through and different applications have different app owners.

During the time of any issue/cert expiry, it becomes really difficult to trace the right app owner.


I want to create a list of all the app owners where I want app owners to put in their details either at the time of new VIP creation/VIP deletion.

Just want to know how it is being done by other organizations.






@Vijay_01Sadly at every organization that I have worked at this type of information becomes something that individuals know because of previous experience working with those other groups. I think a good start for such a list would be the following fields.

1. Company Organization Group: Such as IT Network, NOC, Billing, and so on. Make sure these names match what your organization group list has recorded so it will be easier to look for the associated manager and employees in that group at the time of the issue or change.
2. Mailing list for group: If the particular group has a mailing list to reach all of them for regular updates or scheduling purposes.
3. Emergency Contact: This could be phone number/s and/or emergency email lists which would be used for troubleshooting purposes if something were to go down and you all are responding first. This also becomes usefull if that particular group calls your group to assist them in troubleshooting.
4. FQDN of Application: Each group provides a list of applications they are in charge of by FQDN if possible so that your group can consolidate groups to be contacted for each.
5. Associated Virtual Servers and Pools: This is primarily for the use of the group that is managing the F5s so that they can quickly make the association to the respective group calling in or who you are calling to resolve an issue or to schedule a change with that particular group/s

Other than those bits of information I can't see much more that would be usefull for your departments F5 management. You might consider configuring the F5s to send out emails or configuring your log collector for expiring SSL certificates because almost no one verifies SSL certificates on a daily basis and this could save you a headache in the future.