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Cannot access machines after TLS 1.0 and 1.0 was disabled in server side(both vip and pool members on port 443 without any client or server ssl profile)



we have a machines behind F5 ,both the vip and pools are with port 443 without any client or server ssl profile , while the member servers(2 adfs servers ) have ssl certificate , so f5 just pass though ssl , this all worked , when tls0 and 1 was disabled on the server. they can no more access these servers from outside, so the configuration was reverted , when the public ip is scanned it shows the vulnerable tls0 and 1 , is there something the F5 is doing , I understand that since its just a pass though we do not have anything to disable tls ciphers on ssl profile ,will it do good if I add server ssl or serverssl-insecure-compactable ?


public ------ VIP(port 443)--No client ssl profile -----------> pool members (no server ssl profile -- port 443 -- > 2 servers behind (entrust cert) -# working

public ------ VIP(port 443)--No client ssl profile -----------> pool members (no server ssl profile -- port 443 -- > [After Tls1 and 0 disabled on 2 servers behind (entrust cert) -# not working




Hi Binoy,


can you describe why you are not able to access the service? Is the Virtual Server marked as down because the pool members are marked as down? If so - what kind of health checks do you have enabled for the pool members? Do they maybe rely on TLS1.0 or TLS1.1?

Or do you get a connection reset from the pool members?

Did you try to do a packet capture on the F5? You can configure the BIG-IP to log the reset cause:

K13223: Configuring the BIG-IP system to log TCP RST packets

So it's mandatory to understand from where the problem comes in order to resolve the issue.






Hi Daniel,


Thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay in response , not able to access service means the service is not down in ltm , however when the application team disable TLS1 and 1.0 on their servers, the ldap(ADFS ) stops working , they suspected something on the F5 for which I specified that F5 is only a pass though ,I strongly felt this is something related to application however I wanted to confirm it .


I referred the below and it says SSL Pass through traffic where BIP IP just pass the the traffic from client to servers , So I only wanted to make sure that we are right that F5 does not do any reset when they disable tls v1 v0 on their servers , second it since this is production we have not got chance for any downtime to test it again. #


the health monitor is tcp


here is the same sample

ltm virtual VIP12_443 {

  destination VIPex/

  ip-protocol tcp



  pool pp

  profiles {                                                     ----------------------- No Client or sever SSL profile attached  / Health Monitor is tcp

    tcp { }



  source-address-translation {

    type automap


  translate-address enabled

  translate-port enabled

  vlans {




  vs-index 25