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Controlling Bots

Problem this snippet solves:Webbots, you can't live with them, you can't live without them... This iRule determines if a webbot is accessing your systems and assigns them to a lower priority resource. The first example includes the bot list inside th...

CMP v10.0 compatible counters using the session table

Problem this snippet solves:This simple iRule shows how you can create a CMP-compatible counter. The first portion of the iRule demonstrates creating and incrementing a global counter which is accessible across all virtual servers and all TCP connect...

Clone Pool Based On Uri

Problem this snippet solves:This iRule will clone a connection to a second pool based on the input URI. In addition to using an iRule to choose what pool of servers a connection is sent to you can also set a clone pool within a rule. This is a simple...

Cache No POST

Problem this snippet solves:Disable RAMcache for POST request responses.Code :when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [HTTP::method] equals "POST" } { CACHE::disable } else { CACHE::enable } }Tested this on version:10.0

URL Shortener

Problem this snippet solves:The Small URL Generator takes a long URL, examines its length, and assigns it a variable length key based on the original URL's length. The key is then stored in a subtable along with the original URL. When a user accesses...

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