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Jun 16, 2011

Window Credientials

The application folks created a web site that users log into using Windows credentials.


The site drops a cookie on the user’s PC and the next time the user does not need to log in to access the site.


They tell me that now that the site sits behind a BigIP, users are prompted to login each and every time.


Did I miss an option when I set up the virtual?


I tried playing with cookie persistance but that didn't help.




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  • Hi Ten,



    What kind of authentication are you testing with (basic, NTLM, etc)? Can you post your anonymized virtual server config using 'b virtual VS_NAME list'?



  • have u seen cookie on client? tool such as httpfox could be useful.







    additionally, i believe u need persistence since user has to connect to the same server. u may try simple persistence profile e.g. source address.