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Jul 22, 2021

Where to find official study guides of 101 & 201

Dear Community,


I am interested to start F5 certification journey. Please inform where I can find official study guides for 101 & 201 exams.

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    hi Alex,

    i passed 101 exam recently. to be honest i did spend quite a bit of time reading thru the 101-Study guide and also a bit of from Philip Johnson book. my experience says you just need to know basic networking (Layer2/3), be able to fig out what a switch vs router/Firewall does. it is mostly around TCP/IP knowledge. And if you have some experience with BIG-IP then its a bonus.


  • Hi,

    I recently cleared my F5-101 exam. These are the steps that I followed : 

    1. Philip johnson book - This guide explains to you in simple terms about basics of networking and F5.

    You can run through this as a first step. 

    2. Blueprint - Having a complete knowledge of each and every module mentioned in the blueprint is a must.

    Go through the complete concept of each and every line mentioned in the blueprint. 

    3. Practice exam - Try to give F5 practice exams from official website.

    It will help you to get an idea of the pattern that you will face in the exam.

    If you follow this, am sure you can clear as well. 

    Good luck : ) !!!




  • Where you able to find some study materials for the F5 101 exam? All I can find is some basic introductions and the 101 Application Delivery exam blueprint. Where can I find some solid study materials in order to pass the 101 exam?