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Well.. It's RSA season and, for me, this will be SUPER exciting, as it's my first one! The Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, will once again host the RSA Conference on April 24th through April 27th, 2023. There are quite a few things to look forward to this year, but the one that I'm most excited about so far is the theme, "Stronger Together." Through time, we've had a very bi-lateral community in security. Whether it's the Spy vs. Spy influenced White Hat / Black Hat concept from my early days or the Team Red / Blue of today, it feels clear that we need some unity... or better yet, community. At DevCentral, everything's about community, so I'm most curious to see how community is reflected in RSA message. As a community member, though, I'd like to share the things I'm most excited about there.

Where to find F5?

F5 will be all over the place at this show! Our booth on the expo floor is N5435 and, of course, PSilva will be scheming a Find The Booth Video, I'd imagine! For us DevCentral crew, the booth is like a home base. We frequent it between shoots to check the action and to meet with industry experts.

On Tuesday at 8:30am, F5 Labs' Sander_Vinberg will be presenting "The Evolution of CVEs, Vulnerability Management and Hybrid Architectures," with Ben Edwards, from The Cyentia Institute. Knowing Ben a bit, this should be a VERY cool talk and one to highlight if you're into community working together types of themes... oh! You are! Well.. you might see me in the audience snapping pics like Peter Parker.

Friday has a couple of sessions you'll want to catch! The first is at 9:30 with Angel Grant, with "Metaspace Race, Securing Minors in the Metaverse - from the Start" and, after lunch, get your CTF on with warburtr0n and Malcolm Heath at "Learn the FUNdamentals of API Security," at 1pm!

Keynotes / Speakers:

Aside from the F5 presence, I'm very excited to see Tanya Janca, who's got 3 sessions! She's doing a Birds of a Feather on Thursday at 1pm, "Creating a Great DevSecOps Culture," and a lab, "Adding SAST to CI/CD, Without Losing Any Friends," Wednesday at 1:15pm, but the one I'm REALLY thrilled to see is her Keynote on Thursday at 9:40 at the South Stage called, DevSecOps Worst Practices.

I'm also looking forward to seeing Alyssa Miller. I just went to see her at Security B-Sides Rochester, NY, but this RSA event is a CISO panel, "CISO Legal Risks and Liabilities," on Wednesday at 1:15 PM, Moscone West 2001.

Networking Events:

I'm not sure what to expect with these as a new attendee. There are a couple events focused around beer, if that's your thing, and I hear the pub crawl is semi-legendary. The Sandbox looks to offer a wide array of experiences.. also with beer. There is also a Women's Networking Reception, sponsored by Cisco, on Tuesday night at South 303. 

Personally, I'd like to hit up the "Inclusive Security Welcome  & Networking Breakfast" on Wednesday at South, 305. To me, that sounds a bit different and, as someone who's always been passionate about the benefits of workplace diversity it seems like a fit. Also, I think it is only appropriate that I try to attend the "RSAC Loyalty Plus & First-Timer Reception" on Sunday, from 5-7:30, but I think that's up to the airline gods.

I Hope To See You There!

Like, Comment.. Let us know if you're going, as we'd LOVE to connect with you community members! We want to know what YOU are excited about with RSA this year, as well. If there's anything you're missing out on but would like to see covered, let us know that, as well, so we can try to get coverage for you!

Updated Apr 17, 2023
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