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Jul 12, 2011

Websocket Connection Issues And Failover




We are running a java based application to serve the web socket requests (wss://) via BigIP LTM.



In VIP configuration we are using oneconnect profile. We have enabled an iRule that checks the http request header for the method "Upgrade" and redirects the request to appropriate pool to serve wss requests disabling http and opening a tcp connection.



We have some following issues :



1) Now from our web application we are frequently seeing the issue that our web socket requests are getting timed out or having status as pending not getting the response back from BigIP LTM. If we go and directly hit the node ip without involving BigIP LTM the websocket requests are getting served properly without any issue.




2) Is there anything we can do to serve the web socket requests to a different node after one node has failed which has successfully established the tcp connection. Because these connections will be be served via tcp protocol disabling the http, so it is a active connection.










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  • Hi Narendra,



    1) Is it possible that LTM is timing out the connections before the client or server is? If so, you could try extending the idle timeout on a custom TCP profile.



    2) See SOL10640 for some options:



    sol10640: Pool member reselection options




  • One of the behaviour i observed is that if i don't use oneconnect profile then application works fine with LTM but if i use oneconnect the problem arises. So could it be a problem with oneconnect settings. If oneconnect reuses the same tcp connection from pool will it be not useful in our app scenario or it is only useful for static applications.



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    Hi Narendra,



    I have a customer who wants to do exactly the same thing you set out to above. Could you supply the irule you used?



    Many Thanks