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Jul 03, 2012

VS10 Issue

virtual VS10


pool pl10




ip protocol tcp


profiles tcp-default


vlan 10 enable



client -






pl10 -



client is able to telnet VIP on port 443



But client is connecting VIP via SQL server mgmt studio - it cant connect



client can connect pool member directly via sql studio.










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  • Hi Genseek,



    SQL Server Management Studio use Port 1433 to connect to a SQL Server. Your Virtual Server is configured for 443.



    Try opening up Port 1433 on the Virtual Server IP Address to the server on the same port and see if you problem persists.
  • Thanks Michael...



    You are right..ssms uses port 1433..i used 443 just to avoid using the actual port number...sorry about that. VIP indeed is opened for 1433.



    I did a tcpdump when client was accessing VIP on port 1433,and here's what we saw



    14:55:25.626243 802.1Q vlan21 P0 > S 2503976789:2503976789(0) win 8192 (DF)


    14:55:25.626541 802.1Q vlan21 P0 > . ack 2045621418 win 256 (DF)


    14:55:25.626553 802.1Q vlan21 P0 > S 2296223818:2296223818(0) win 4380 (DF)


    14:55:25.627153 802.1Q vlan21 P0 > NBT UDP PACKET(137): QUERY; REQUEST; UNICAST


    14:55:27.126335 802.1Q vlan21 P0 > NBT UDP PACKET(137): QUERY; REQUEST; UNICAST (DF)



    pool member has BigIP as its gwy.