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Mar 02, 2011

VLAN on irtual Edition.


I am a newbie.




I have installed VMWare workstation 7 image. I have created VLAN external and internal through GUI.




1) ifconfig shows the interfaces 1.1 (internal) and 1.2(external). They are virtual interfaces. For a machine to bring inside a particular VLAN i need to (virtually) connect to the virtual interface. How do I do that ? Or am I wrong in setting up VLAN?




2) While giving selfIP, its not allowing me to give an ip of the local network. ' IP shares a network with the management IP' . If I give an IP not in the network then how would I reach it ? The external and internal IP are pingable from virtual f5 big ip device but not from other machines.




3) Is it must that I should use VLAN ? I tried with deleting all the VLANs and Self IPs. Created Pool and Virtual IPs. But Virtual Ip is not pinging and not responding.




Any help please, I ve been struggling for two days. Please let me know if I m not making the questions clear.




Thanks a lott in advance.



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    Hi Karthik,



    This is not issue is not specific to VE. You can put the management interface as well as any other port on the same physical network (I don't advise this for security reasons), but they must be on separate subnets for routing and security reasons. I would just assign two IPs on the same interface (call it 'internal') on your host machine, then connect them virtually in Workstation and give the management NIC an IP on one subnet and the other interface an address on the other subnet.



    Jason wrote up a sweet article on the "physical layer" connectivity aspects of LTM VE:



    Hope this helps. Take care!