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Mar 25, 2014

Viprion Hostname and Guest Hostnames

Is there a way to change the Hostnames of the Viprion host and the Guests once they have been created? or will I need to rebuild them? The naming convention I was told to use is wrong and I need to change all the hostnames.


thanks in advance


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    This is usually under the GUI in the menu System->Platform.


  • thanks for the insight. leadership was looking for a way to change the display names of the guests from the viprion display name. either way, they told us to rebuild the chassis for other reasons.


  • lso for all those who need further clarification. you CANNOT change the display name of the vCMP guests on the Viprion through the gui. you can only change the hostname.


  • Then is there a way to change the VCMP display hostnames through CLI ?


    you have to manually edit config file (i.e. /config/bigip.conf) and then reload the config (i.e. tmsh load sys config).


  • what would be the impact of reloading the bigip.conf file ?


    Would all guest get disconnected during this reload ? Would the host have any impact or only the guest ?


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      if this is a guest instance, the name can be changed on the vCMP host. No interruption. if the host name for the vCMP guest is already correct but the UCS loaded another name, just change the vCMP guest host name to something else and change it back. It will be pushed to the guest.