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Nov 25, 2023

VIP stats required

Hi folks,

we need to gather stats for multiple vips like total bandwidth and total number of HTTP requests for a month we need a ball park figure for that. How we can gather these if we are not using/provisoned AVR module.

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  • AVR / telemetry streaming is the way to do any real trending, both are free - license wise.

    A quick solution although less robust is to use  bigtop,   it takes some playing with the switchs , but it might give you what you are looking for.

    from CLI - from bash,

    uptime    <---tell you how long the box has been up

    bigtop -vname -nodes 0 -reqs     <---should give you a starting point you can divide out days into requests....

    you can clear stat counters on the VS - and it will give you a starting point and time use that on a daily check - or get crazy and write a cronjob to kick off XX times a day /week,   with the -once command

    Quick help =  bigtop --help
    longer help = man bigtop


  • Hello,

    Thanks for rplying . On Rseries I have provisioned the AVR module >> Create Analytical Profile >> Attach specifc VIP to that Profile . But still no logging of stats in stats >> HTTP >>Overview Tab . can you please help me discover what might be the issue here .