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Jul 27, 2022

Video stream problem in http server output behind the Box

My problem :

Context :

Box Bbox Fit Fiber 400 Mb/s firmware 20.8.8

NGINX/RTMP/HLS web server (Ubuntu connected directly to the Box in RJ 45) video powered by OBS Studio (Windows 11) connected to the Ubuntu server via Wi-Fi by ASUS router/VPN Nordnet.

Internally everything works well the http page is displayed and we can launch the video normally

OK on

Ok on Localhost

OK on the Fixed IP address of the Web server connected by cable to the Box

OK on the real external address of the Box and not on the address seen from the VPN (knowing that port 80 points to the IP address of the Web server)

OK on the domain name which returns to the external address of the Box (certainly via the Loopback of the Box) which suggests that all the parameters are correct

Externally (another local network or 4G connection) the web page is displayed but the video stream cannot be launched (video player timeout with message "the media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported" ) just as if the Box (or a Bouygues server) or my NGINX/RTMP/HLS configuration does not allow the video stream to pass to the outside.

All possible tests have been made: deactivation of the firewall, Web server in DMZ, activation or deactivation of remote access to the box, etc, etc...

nothing helps the video stream stubbornly refuses to go out....

It works perfectly in the LAN, how to make it work perfectly in the WAN as well? can be an NGINX setting or etc/hosts file or NAT rule.....

Bouygues support does not even understand the problem and is unable to tell me if this is a characteristic of the Box or the chosen subscription or if other Box models would be more appropriate or with what parameters to play.

Please help me

thanks in advance

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  • Hey buddy
    Wondering if you can do some traffic captures with tcpdump and check what's sent between client and server when it's working?

    To begin with you could check the developer tools in Chrome and check the network tab. Clean the data from sensitive stuff and upload the results where I/we can see them please?

    Kind regards,

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      Hello Patrick

      thank you for your answer but I finally found the solution to my problem, in fact a simple typing error in the web page which involves vjs which prevented the correct connection to the live stream through my domain name, locally it worked normally, certainly through the ip address of my server Ubuntu or via the existing bridge between my two network interfaces (wifi for receiving the stream from OBS and RJ45 for the broadcast on the web through my box)

      Thank you so much for your involvement and your advice.



      • Hi Jack

        Glad it worked out in the end. 👍🏻

        Highly recommending Chromes network tab for similar problems in the future. Usually does wonders. 

        Kind regards,