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Nov 08, 2011

v10 LTM and v9 GTM

I have a customer with a pre-existing v9 GTM rollout and we are introducing a new v10 LTM deployment into the environment. We are looking to add the new v10 LTMs to the existing sync groups on the v9 GTMs.



We are not looking at v11 at this point.




1) Are there any issues with adding v10 LTMs to a v9 GTM?


2) Is this a supported configuration? (I believe it is)


3) Are there any technotes that people can point me to specific to this?





Thanks in advance.


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  • I don't believe that GTM configuration will be synched to units on different versions in a synch group. You could install the v9 config on a new unit running v9 upgrade it to v10 and use it to seed a new synch group of v10 GTMs.



  • The GTM deployment is all v9. I am not talking about trying to group together v9 and v10 GTMs.



    My question centers around the GTM being at v9 having v10 LTMs that it is polling for health of VIPs etc.



    Do I need to upgrade the GTMs to v10 in order to understand LTMs at v10?
  • I think this article addresses your question, in general terms. If it were me, this is a critical enough question that I think I'd bite the bullet and open a case for a formal F5 recommendation.






    F5 recommends that you run a big3d version that is equal to or greater than the BIG-IP GTM version that is installed in your network (provided that the BIG-IP GTM system is running big3d version 9.0.0 through 10.0.1). For example, if the BIG-IP GTM system is running software version 10.0.0, F5 recommends that the system run big3d version 10.0.0 or 10.0.1.




  • And depending on what versions you are working with, this article might also be relevant:


  • 1. you can use a V9 GTM with a version 10.x LTM.


    2. This is pretty common from what I have seen.


    3. The big3d daemon must be the correct version, but that will be updated on the LTM when you run the big3d_install script on the GTM against the self IP of the LTM.


    Also, make sure that ports 22 and 4353 are open between the Global Traffic Manager and the LTMs.