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Dec 11, 2011

Using APM with Sharepoint 2010 iApp deployment




Just loaded version 11.1 onto a new system and decided to test the use of iApp.



The first site is a Sharepoint 2010 server - went through the iApp and it deployed (after removing nodes with duplicate IP addresses).



The problem is that we utilise APM to control access to Sharepoint - but you can't seem to add an APM profile to the Virtual Server as it is under iApp control.



How is the best way to go about this? I guess it would be possible to 'copy' the iApp template and remove the restriction? Or is there a different/better way?





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    hi Jason,


    You would need to disable strictness on the iApp and then apply your APM access profile to it. FYI, there is a new setting in 11.1 that you need to enable in order for document downloads to work properly. You do this by clicking on the Access Profile, then in the SSO/Auth Domains tab, check the box for "Persistent" under Cookie Options.



    We will be releasing an update iApp for SharePoint soon which will cover APM configuration. When available, it'll be under the CodeShare section of the iApp wiki on DevCentral.