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  • shaikhzaid By policy you mean a traffic policy? If so you can just configure a redirect that looks for host "" and sends a redirect to "abcdevops" and as long as the client can resolve abcdevops correctly it should just work. Typically when you have an external hosted website you don't typically redirect to an internal website because you then expose that to the external clients. You might consider using a string match that replaces instances of "" with "abcdevops" and then place the pool members for "abcdevops" in the pool associated to the virtual server. Doing it this last way would make it so the client never knows about "abcdevops" and the server never knows about "". It might be a bit more helpful if you could provide a topology to go with this so we can better understand the ask.

  • Paulius thanks for the reply.

    for the first part of your reply, you are correct the internal website will be exposed.

    This is uat environment, wherein we have a requirement to provide internal website https://xyzdevops to some vendors from specific geoloacation. So, we thought since we have one url which is published over the internet, if we can do a url redirect from to xyzdevops then our requirement will be achieved.

    Secondly, for your second part by doing it with script, i do not have irule or script sxperience, so i play with Traffic Policies as much as possible.

    Hope i make it easy for. Your help will be much appreciated 🙂