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Aug 10, 2011

URL Masking

Hi Friends,



I am looking for URL masking in F5. Are you guys aware of this option. My requirement is to redirect a url with out changing its header...



i.e if they try to access it should redirect to but in browser they should see instead of


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  • Dixit,



    You can send the traffic wherever you like if you are going through an F5. You setup which points to your VIP address and as a pool member. Traffic reaching will bring up the content for This will pass all the traffic through your BIG-IP.



  • Hi Jarvi,



    Thanks. But i am not looking in to this. Let me say user is trying to access and i want to redirect this website using irule to In this case user will finally see but i need this to he hidden. Even thought it gets redirected to he should be seeing in the url
  • This is what the ProxyPass iRule is designed to do:





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    Is there a reason that you don't want to use the example Aaron linked? It's a bit large, but it's a very robust solution if you're looking to do this sort of thing in production.



    There are simpler ways of doing it, but they don't account for the possible scenarios that crop up.