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Apr 24, 2024

Help with URL Masking

iRule Newbie here and hopefully I am explain myself correctly. Our DevOps team requested I create a new site, which will be redirected to this ansible URL/URI in our private cloud In addition, they do no want the users to view in their browser.

virtual server: automate_https_vs
virtual server IP: <----this IP is mapped in DNS to
server pool name: automate_https_pool
server pool member IP and FQDN: and <-HOST IS IN THE PRIVATE CLOUD

The VS and node are HTTPS; therefore, an HTTP profile and a client SSL profile has been configured.

Test performed:

  1. When I perform an HTTP Request via the F5 VS to, I receive an HTTP Response 404 error from the pool member/cloud host
  2. When I perform an HTTP Request directly to the cloud host by typing in the browser  I also receive the same an HTTP Response 404 error.
  3. When I perform an HTTP Request directly to the host URL I receive an HTTP response with the correct URL/URI path:
  4. Finally, I created a redirect iRule which redirects correctly, but I should not view when receiving the HTTP Response from the server. Since, the F5 is SSL bridging (encrypt/decrypt) the connection can we manipulate the HTTP response and change or rewrite the server side response? If so, I would appreciate your help.


switch [string tolower [HTTP::host]] { { HTTP::redirect "" }