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Mar 06, 2012


What is the command to see the uptime of my unit?.



lb01(Active)(tmos.sys.version) show





Main Package


Product BIG-IP


Version 10.2.1


Build 511.0


Edition Hotfix HF3


Date Sat Apr 16 22:58:45 PDT 2011


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  • uptime or if you are in tmsh, run /util bash -c uptime



  • Hello Aaron,



    I tried with -c option and i get error.




    lb01(Active)(tmos) /util bash -c uptime


    Syntax Error: unexpected argument "-c"







    lb01(Active)(tmos.util.bash) ?




    / TMOS Command Line Interface


    /auth User accounts and authentication


    /cli Local user settings and configuration transactions


    /gtm Global Traffic Manager


    /ltm Local Traffic Manager


    /net Network configuration


    /sys General system configuration


    /util Utility programs that can be run from within tmsh


    /wom WAN Optimization




    create Create new configuration items


    delete Remove configuration items


    edit Update configuration using a text editor


    exit Exit the current command mode


    help View tmsh man pages


    install Install an image or hotfix to a volume


    list View configuration and settings


    load Replace running configuration with configuration files


    modify Update existing configuration items


    quit Quit tmsh


    reboot Reboot the system


    reset-stats Reset runtime statistics


    restart Restart BIG-IP services


    run Run an external program


    save Save the running configuration to configuration files


    show View runtime information, statistics and status


    start Start BIG-IP services


    stop Stop BIG-IP services


    submit Submit a batched transaction
  • nm, got it.



    run util bash -c uptime


    10:17:39 up 195 days, 19:24, 1 user, load average: 0.74, 0.50, 0.46




    Thanks a lot
  • Hi,


    Here are the normal procedure to view uptime of the device for individual and Viprion devices.


    1. Non-Viprion device: uptime
    2. Viprion device:
      1. Go to each slot/blade using ssh command Eg: ssh slot1
      2. Once you are on slot1 use uptime command to view blade1/slot1 status
      3. Do same for other blade/slot
    3. You can use below command for viprion devices clsh uptime