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Aug 15, 2011

upgrading from 9.3 to 10.2

I am looking to upgrade our 1600 from 9.3 to 10.2.



I did a switchboot -l and got the following



[root@myrs-umsf5dv-01:Active] etc switchboot -l


Current boot image:


HD1.1 - BIG-IP 9.3.0 Build 178.5


Default boot image:


HD1.1 - BIG-IP 9.3.0 Build 178.5


Available boot image(s):


HD1.1 - BIG-IP 9.3.0 Build 178.5


[root@myrs-umsf5dv-01:Active] etc




So I only have one partition. When I upgrade I don't need to keep the version 9 on the box so when I upgrade to 10.2 will the image2disk create seperate volumes on there if I use the volumes option ?













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  • Hi Shawn,



    During the upgrade it will create a volume partition. From there you can create multiple ones.



  • I'm not clear on how many it creates initially, but with LVM you can create as many volumes as you want.
  • The 10.x install will create seperate volumes if you select the Volumes option with the Image2Disk utility. However only one volume will have an image on it after reboot. You will then need to use the SVM in the GUI to install an image on the other volumes.
  • Ok so when I went to do the upgrade I got the following message.



    images image2disk --instslot=HD1.1 --format=volumes BIGIP-


    info: Repository tm_install version/release is 2.7.0/487.0


    info: System tm_install version/release is 2.7.0/487.0


    info: Platform id is C36


    warning: System has no isoinfo utility; guessing that BIGIP- is a product image.


    Terminal error: You cannot specify the target location when using the format option.




    I does this mean I need to leave out the --instslot option ?



    One more question I have is since this is only a one partition drive when I do the upgraded will the settings, configs and license info be kept in memory as it says in the documentation ?



    Thanks Again



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    See re the instslot / format incompatibility since v10.2.1 but yes, leave out the instslot option.



    As per the config and license info - the documentation does suggest as such, which surprised me. Best to do full backups and store elsewhere though....just in case!



  • Hi Shawn,



    Nathan is rigth : do full backups and store elsewhere... but there is a kind of magic :



    The roll forward process take archive file /var/local/ucs/config.ucs (the name is VERY important) and migrate it from 9.4.x to 10.2.2 at the end of installation , you may see errors when "bigpipe load" occurs after the first reboot may be not if your config isn't loosing external ressources like things in /var/class.






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  • Try this command....




    image2disk --nosaveconfig --setdefault --reboot --format=volumes BIGIP-


    it will install the new IOS you may face some problem with the version of the image2disk as it may not recognize - - format as a known command on your box if it happens and the installation does not start follow the below document link








    You will simply love the new look of the IOS AT LAST you can find the logout button .... :P