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Mar 17, 2011

upgrade from 9.4.8 355 to 10.0.1 failed




I am running a 9.4.8 version on a 3600 appliance.



Since I have two partitions HD1.1 and HD1.2, i am trying to upgrade the 9.4.8 355 version to 10.0.1.


I issued image2disk --instslot=HD1.2 --format=partitions BIGIP-10.0.1..


the machine rebooted into the MOS and gave me the prompt: "try info>" !!!


when I issued info was told that I can run any of the commands: image2disk, diskinit, etc... but there is no 10.0.1 image at the MOS level !!!



I tried volumes instead of partitions but had the same issue.



Any help would be much appreciated.








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  • Hi Hatim,



    What do you get if you run image2disk from the MOS? Have you opened a case with F5 Support on this?



  • have you tried "start" (at try info> prompt) and pressed enter? not sure if it helps...


  • I am having the same problem! I have a ticket opened on this. I have a BIG IP 3900 that I am using to document the downgrade from 10.2 to 9.4.8 process and also to document the 9.4.8 to 10.0.1 process. I have the downgrade working flawlessly however I can NOT get an upgrade from 9.4.8 to 10.0.1 to work! Every single time I end up with a BIG IP with no OS, well a very limited Unix OS. At that point I have to install the OS from a thumb drive. I need to have a working process of upgrading 9.4.8 to 10.0.1 and nothing seems to work. The process I am doing is listed below.



    1) I copied BIGIP- to /shared/images


    2) Used "im BIGIP-" to install the images2disk command


    3) Issued this command " image2disk --instslot=HD1.1 --format=volumes BIGIP-"



    These directions I got from this link:




    As stated I have a ticket open on this issue. If I find out how to do this I will post it.
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    If you run 'qp' from the command line, what is the output? (this can be run from the tmos maintenance os if that is all you have)