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May 05, 2011

Upgrade 9.4.8 to 10.2.1 ERROR

I'm upgrading a new LTM-1600 from 9.4.8 to 10.2.1. After I typed the command:



image2disk --instslot=HD1.2 --nosaveconfig --format=volumes BIGIP-



I get the following error:



warning: system has no isoinfo utility; guessing that the BIGIP- is a product image.


Terminal error: You cannot specify the target location when using the format option.



Can anyone help me with this? The only thing I found thus far has been an article on regarding a 10.x hotfix being installed on an 9.x box, but I'm upgrading the ISO, not a hotfix. And I'm sure the image I downloaded and copied over is the correct file.







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  • Hi Josh,



    In 10.2.1, you can no longer specify the install slot when you're using volumes. The first HDD slot will be used. So just drop the --instslot paramter from image2disk.



  • Thanks, had the same issue with 9.47 to 10.2.4.



    Fix applies to anything updating past 10.2.1 regardless of the version you are starting on. Was hesitant to remove the --instslot=xxx option until I saw this thread.