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Apr 17, 2012

Unable to export APM access policy.


Hi Everyone,




I am unable to export the APM Access Policy from BIG-IP Web GUI. I have already downloaded the backup file (.ucs) from archive list, however I would like to export the APM Access Policy from Access Policy --> Access Profiles --> Access Profile List and then clicking on the Export as shown in the attached screenshot. Its showing Loading.. Receiving configuration data from your device for 3 to 4 minutes and then shows a message, restarting the configuration. Kindly assist me in this regard.










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  • Hi Mohammed,



    Can you open a case with F5 Support on this? You can help by running qkview from System | Support and uploading it to



  • Hello, you can try to check all images uploaded, and verify that the name does not contain spaces.


    Then try to export it, because this is a possible cause.


  • Hello Did you finally solve this issue? Something quite similar is happening to us Regards


  • Hello, we are seeing the same issue while trying to export one APM access profile. Did you find any solution to this?


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    Are you using iApp created policies? You might hit issues if you export from policy created from iApp.


  • No we are not using any iApp for this and there is no whitespace in the profile naming. 2 other profiles on the same unit is exporting just fine. The Version in question is v11.2


  • We found the issue while looking at the audit log. There was a Reference to a custom front image. The image in question had a filename containing a whitespace and therefore it seemed as it was unable to export it.


    The error was: "The requested unknown (/Common/) was not found. cmd_data=list apm policy image-file Common/"


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    What's the error you are getting? there is cmd line available, ng_export.