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Feb 15, 2024

Unable to access NMS(GUI/SSH) via Zscaler<>F5 VPN

Scenario: The user needs to connect first through ZScaler VPN, then login to F5 Jumphost (JH), and then access the NMS or OSS through different protocols. The problem is that all tests have failed to connect to these tools. Is there any way we can check or need additional configuration in our F5 JH to access these tools and NMS?


Does performing a /var memory cleanup have to do with solving the issue? We do have a route going to NMS as well.

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  • A bit light on details and using different terms. ZScaler doesnt do actual VPNs but ZTNA if im understanding correctly, so which product / name exactly?. F5 jumphost doesnt exist as a product. Which F5 modules are used? Then the applications behind the F5, you say different protocols, so which exactly?


    I dont see memory or other cleanups needed. You need to understand the exact path and check with the used protocols how far the come.


    One intertesting basic question is, can you skip the ZScaler part and just login directly on the F5 jumphost, can you reach the NMS or OSS then?