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Jun 21, 2011

Two VIPs - Same pool?




Can you assign the same resource pool to multiple VIPs?


If so, is this a reccomened way to configure?


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  • Is it OK even if the VIPs will be configured in different subnets/VLANs and have traffic hitting them from different directions (external and internal for example)


  • yes if traffic can hit vip, bigip can send it to pool member.
  • Yes. Each IP Address has the ability to be configured as multiple Virtual Servers with a different service port on each.




  - IP Address Port 80

  - IP Address Port 443

  - IP Address Port 22



    The only caveat is that you cannot have the same IP Address configured on multiple Virtual Servers using the same port.




  - IP Address Port 80

  - IP Address Port 80 - INVALID



    You can however have both websites pointed / sharing a single Virtual Server.









    You could then separate the different website traffic using an iRule.
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    Yes this can be done.



    This is how I do though. I create different pools(even though they have the same members) with specific pool names which service that particular application. I am doing it this way by choice to conform with the methodologies we follow which makes for easier documentation, etc...