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Nov 20, 2010

transparent http comression

Can BIG-IP LTM comress http traffic with BIG-IP LTM transparently?


"transparently" means "don't change Src/Dst IP Address, and Src/Dst port".



We have many compressable http traffic (text/*) on our network,


so I want to reduce the bandwidth of them.










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  • would u mind trying this one?



    1. create wildcard virtual server


    2. assign http profile with compression


    3. disable address translation and port translation


    4. set snat pool to none


    5. assign pool to virtual server
  • thanks nitass



    I'll try that configuration.



    In this configuration, can I use "Forwarding (Layer 2)"?



    I want to compress traffic without changing any network configuration.


    If we can use layer 2 forwarding for compress, there is no change on my network.


    Just insert BIG-IP LTM on network links.






  • i think it's not possible. anyway, let's have a look what the other guys think.



    SOL12272: Overview of virtual server types for BIG-IP version 10.x