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Jan 25, 2021

Traffic pass although its protocol not set in pool members config


We've settings in LTM where specific Virtual Server Service Port is set to (* All ports), and the used pool has Pool Members Service Port set to (80 HTTP). We notice that all traffic pass to server although I understand that setting port 80 with pool members will only pass HTTP.


May you help with an explanation of this case. what's the exact use of service port in both virtual server and pool members.




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  • Hi! Port inVirutla Server is used against the client : he/she has to type that port access the 'main' IP (any port in your case). The pool port is used against the real server (port 80 min your case).

    It is correct that all traffic, whatever the port, will gain access to your http server, since any port allowed!

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      Thanks, that's what I noticed that anyport gain access to server. But why then is the pool port used? (ie. usage scenario of pool port)


      Is it for example may act as port forwarding (ex: if I need user to write url as http://domain:8080, but instead access the website on server with port 80, then I set virual server port as 8080 and server port in pool as port 80)?


  • For security purposes. If you access the VS on port 8080, then you cannot access the real server on port 80 (for example)