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May 07, 2012

Traffic control based on file on pool member




I'm hoping to get help with the following scenario..






- Oracle Virtual Server


- Oracle Pool - TCP PORT


- Pool Member - TCP PORT


- Pool Member - TCP PORT







- I want to be able to control traffic based on content of a file placed on the pool members.


Basically I only want traffic to go to the second pool member based on the content of that file



thank you


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  • Hi,



    What protocol is the file accessible over?



    Do you want the second pool member load balanced to if the file does (or does not) contain some content?



    Could you use HTTP to access the file contents?



    If LTM can access the file via HTTP, you could configure an HTTP monitor which marks the pool member up or down based on the file contents.



  • Hi Aaron,



    the server cannot listen on http only on the specific protocol.


    I asked the DBA to create a database which will include the content he wants me to check for.


    I will configure LTM to use MySQL to query the database for that content.



    DBA do not want to load balance this traffic, They want the ability to control traffic based on the content of the new database



    The query shoule look like the following:



    select status from test.switch where hostname = 'servername' and instancename = 'server-51';



    and result will be -> YES or NO



    if YES keep connection to server 1


    if NO switch connection to server 2