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May 24, 2022

Syncing Devices with different builds

Hi all,

I am carrying out a rebuild of an F5 WAF VM, and it looks like the builds are slightly different between the current active member and the build Ive just downloaded from F5 downloads - 16.1.0 0.28.19 (Engineering HF) vs 16.1.0 0.0.19.

Ive built the new device on 16.1.0 0.0.19, and tried to import a UCS file from the old VM device, and its failed.

Is this likely due to the build descrepency? Or how best can I get the config imported?

I obviously need to get the devices on the same build, so is there a repository for older builds? Or is it possible to export a build from a F5 device and import that?



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