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Dec 14, 2011

Switch between session with different SSO

Hello. Can anybody help me with my dilemma :). I have two virtual server (VS1 and VS2) and two different web SSO (WEBSSO1 and WEBSSO2) for each of them. Also I have a third virtual server VS3 with irule:





if { [HTTP::uri] equals "" } {


virtual VS1


} elseif {[HTTP::uri] equals ""} {


virtual VS2







When I make connection to over VS3 all is OK. Close connection. Make connection to over VS3 all is OK.



But when I am trying switch from to or to during one connection SSO isn't switched. That's why my auth to another resource always is failed.



So my question: Is it possible to switch and force SSOs between VSs during same connection? If yes - how?





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  • Is there a reason that you're using separate virtuals for this? You could potentially call WEBSSO::select to select the correct SSO by URI.





  • Thanks for your reply but I have tried it before. Result was the same :(


    I need some decision that can force SSO if link is changed during same connection.



    My access policy for VS3 looks like:




    | Start | --> | Logon Page | --> | | --> | SSO Credential Mapping | --> |Allow|


    | HTTP Auth |


    | | ----------------------------------------------> |Deny|