Session Table Control

Problem this snippet solves:

This sample goes along with the Tech Tip titled Session Table Control With iRules . It creates an iRules-based HTML application to allow you to view, edit, delete, import, and export your session subtable data.

How to use this snippet:

Apply to a virtual server with session table entries and you can import/export/edit/delete entries.

Code (GitHub gist)

Updated Nov 29, 2023
Version 2.0

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  • the "C" in content must be lower case for this to function, but works great otherwise. Thanks!
  • I'm trying to use this but I get a blank page in my browser. (if I telnet to the vServer and request /subtables/edit, I get the proper content back, I think). I assume the comment at the top of the article about correcting the script tag means that the --> and //--> need to be removed so that only the tags remain. Am I getting that wrong?
  • I found this recently and greatly appreciate the code. It has made monitoring a table very easy. I do have one caution to anyone else using it. The act of refreshing the edit display to see what is in the table, resets the timeout. In my case,. I did not want the observation of the table to reset the time. I added -notouch to the line

    foreach key [table keys -notouch -subtable $tname] {

    (line 133 above). I also added -notouch to line 135 so it reads

    append resp "<td class='tvalue'>[table lookup -notouch -subtable $tname $key]</td>";