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Mar 15, 2012


We have a scenario in which client need to change the switchport connected to the F5 load balancer. Which is the port connected to the internal VLAN causing all the VIPs to be down for a while. Is there a way i can avoid this. Tagging another interface in same VLAN will cause STP issues, i guess. We cannot create trunk as it will also cause an interruption in the traffic. Your help will be appriciated.

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  • Hi Sandy,


    You can put another port of LTM in the internal VLAN and connect it to the newly assigned switch port it will not cause any STP issues as it is enabled on the LTM by default.



  • configurinng another interface in the same vlan would not cause an issue if stp is enabled on switch. stp mode is passthrough by default, so switch would block interface properly. anyway, when disconnecting one of interface, switch may take some time to change interface from blocking to forwarding state (stp convergence time).



    sol9796: BIG-IP support for spanning tree protocols




    sol7577: BIG-IP LTM spanning tree compatibility with tagged VLANs

  • You may try one more thing.... If you have a fail-over unit configure it with the new ports and check it and then bring it in production by failover.