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Feb 14, 2021

Statistics for Virutual Servers

I not clear on the output of the statistics for virtual servers. Mainly on what the F5 LTM considers "Requests" and "Connections". I included a picture of one my my VS statistics. The amount seems high for one VS but i don't know if this is a running total from the time the VS was created or per second or per minute. Need more understanding. Platform is a i7800 with two vCMP.



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  • Yes that data is from the time hardware was booted up.

    You can clear the stats & monitor for a time frame as you feel required.

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      Thank you for the clarification. So, to get a real time statistic i should use the stats from the pool members? I'm only at GUI level but want to learn CLI. Have not found the right command for just getting the statistics. I've been using the "all-properties" for the specific VS, Any advice?



  • You can view virtual server and pool statistics from the command line using the show command, rather than list. For example, to show traffic statistics for a virtual server named http_vs:

    (tmos)# show /ltm virtual http_vs

    To show traffic statistics for all members in the pool named http_pool:

    (tmos)# show /ltm pool http_pool members

    You can reset statistics for a particular pool, pool member, or virtual server using the reset-stats command. For example, to reset statistics for a virtual server http_vs:

    (tmos)# reset-stats /ltm virtual http_vs

    Hope this helps!