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Nov 22, 2023

Static local loopback port for BIG-IP Edge Client

According to this Knowledge article.
BIG-IP Edge Client creates a local HTTP server to host the merged PAC file. This server listens on the local loopback address ( and an available port between 44777 and 65556.

Is there a way to configure the port to be a static value? 
A windows registry setting or a configration file for BIG-IP Edge Client?

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  • The client will try first for 44777 so almost all of the time it will be 44777. The client does have a method to accept a configuration default besides 44777 (it is along with the other configuration properties defined in the Network Access List such as "ProxyHost" and it's a string value called "HttpPACPort"), but the APM server does not natively implement sending that configuratition value so you'd have to creatively append it along with the other standard parameters using irules.