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May 17, 2011

SSL cache does not work

Basically, two SSL virtual servers , SSL cache works on one VS, does not work another VS, SSL profile config is below. the only difference between two SSL profiles is just the cache size. the cache does not work on the profile with default setting. I wonder if anyone had this experience before.





below is the SSL client profile which cache does not work, I did ssldunp, the sessionid in serverhello message is zero, but i do not know why F5 sends zero sessionID.



defaults from clientssl


mode enable


key "i1key"


cert "1.crt"


chain "2crt"


ca file "3.crt"


crl file none


client cert ca none




passphrase none


options none


modssl methods disable


cache size 20000


cache timeout 3600


renegotiate period indefinite


renegotiate size indefinite


renegotiate max record delay 10


handshake timeout 60


alert timeout 60


peer cert mode require


authenticate once


authenticate depth 9


unclean shutdown enable


strict resume disable


nonssl disable.




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  • Hi David,



    The cache size being set to zero or renegotiate setting set for always are the only obvious reasons I could think of for this. I'd open a case with F5 Support on this to get help troubleshooting the issue.