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May 18, 2011

SSL Acceleration - Can I encrypt outbound traffic

I know that BIG-IP can do SSL termination and optionally re-encrypt traffic, but I'm not clear from reading the documentation whether it is possible to encrypt a non-encrypted traffic stream. We have an application using SOAP and because the traffic is high volume, we'd like to use SOAP over plain http internally, and use the F5 to translate/terminate the connection, and establish an SSL connection with an external server hosted in another organisation. Is this possible?









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  • Hi Iain,



    Yes, LTM can encrypt the serverside connection regardless of whether the clientside connection is encrypted. You can configure this with a server SSL profile on the virtual server. You'd probably need to enable SNAT on the virtual server to ensure the external host responds back to the client via LTM. You'll also need a route from LTM to the external host.