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Oct 21, 2010


Does anyone know if there is any F5 docs out there regarding the following excerpt from SOL11736?


Has anyone implemented this setup?






· Directly cable network mirroring interfaces



It is possible to directly cable network mirroring interfaces on the BIG-IP systems in the failover pair. Configuring the pair in this way removes the need to define additional VLANs and allocate additional ports on surrounding switches.






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  • It's fairly standard to create a sync VLAN which is a directly connected cable between two LTM units. You can pick any arbitrary subnet that isn't used elsewhere as it would only exist on the LTMs.



    Do you have any specific questions on doing this?



  • I was mainly wanting feedback on the best scenario regarding implementing mirroring >



    Direct cabling of interfaces between LTM pairs or dedicated vlan cabled through network switches.



    Thanks for the response Aaron---
  • I don't see a reason to put it over the network if the units are close enough for a cable. That just adds additional failure points and potential latency.