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May 29, 2012

SNAT/NAT and outgoing just for one Link

Hello, good morning




If someone can help me with the doubts below, thanks a lot:




I have the scanario below:




Particular external IP :




Particular internal Ips:




I have 5 links: ( there is one vlan to each LINK, with the associate interface )


Link A


Link B


Link C


Link D


Link E




for example




I need that all from origin translate to ip but just using one link. Like C for example.




I created one nat, with orig , translate




the nat function ok, but its balancing, outgoing for all 5 links




The problem is: I have 5 links. I need that this Outgoing's from origine ( dmz ) that is translate to out just for one specific link. Not balanced.




can you help me with this ?




thanks a lot






Kleython Kell


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  • Hi Kleython,

    Do you want to route anything from - .3 out one VLAN using a specific TMM source address? If not, can you clarify the scenario?

    If so, you could create a pool containing the router, an address type data group (specific_router_pool for example) containing the specific client IPs (specific_clients_dg for example) and use an iRule like this:

    if {[class match [IP::client_addr] equals specific_clients_dg]}{
    pool specific_router_pool

  • Hoolio, in your example, missed the snat, but I get success with the irule below:



    when CLIENT_ACCEPTED { if { [IP::addr [IP::client_addr] equals] } {




    pool default_gw_linkespecifico




    else {


    pool Default_gw







    but, is there some way to do this, without use irule?





  • missed the snat



    Oops! :)



    but, is there some way to do this, without use irule?



    You could do this with a virtual server if you wanted to base the source matching on a VLAN instead of a set of client IP addresses by creating an IP forwarding VS enabled only on the client VLAN which has a SNAT pool containing the source IP addres(es) and a pool containing the gateway. But if you need to match on client IP addresses you'll need to use an iRule.