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Oct 28, 2010

SIP issue..

we have a VIP configured with 2 Pool members and have configured source IP persistence. Load is always going to one pool member after another pool member flap for a while.



example : two pool member are server3 and server4. and load is not going to server4 after server4 monitored down and came up after 1 minute.



To correct this i need to reset the persistence from source IP[User IP] using command bigpipe persist client delete . This is only a workaround. can anyone suggest a permanent solution

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  • Are most of the connections coming from the same client IP address? If so, then you might consider changing the persistence method. When a pool member is marked down, I believe that all of the stored persistence records are deleted. So the behavior you're seeing is expected.



  • Aaron thank you for your reply.


    Actually the traffic is coming from anohter 2 servers not from end users.Traffic from end users will hit to Group1 servers[either server1 or server 2] and it will forward to LTM then it will pass to Group 2 servers [server3 or server 4]. Issue is on group2 servers side.
  • Is there a token you can use to identify connections as part of a session? If so you could potentially use UIE persistence with an iRule.