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Feb 11, 2011

Shared / floating management ip




We have 2 LTMs in HA.


For management we use https://ltmadm01 or https://ltmadm02 depending on which unit is active.


Is it possible to configure a shared/floating management ip?


It would be nice to be able to use a single url for management, https://ltmadm






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  • Hi Andy,



    There isn't a way to have LTMs share a floating IP address on the management port. But you can get to the admin GUI and CLI via the floating self IP addresses on any VLAN that has port lockdown set to something other than allow none. So you could set port lockdown to allow default on the VLAN(s) you want to be able to administer the units from. The active unit would always answer for the floating self IP. You could point your DNS or client host names for ltmadm to that floating self IP.



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    ah! Thanks!



    Just have to make a new cert and we'll be all set.