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Oct 09, 2020

Script to find virtual servers with connection mirroring enabled

Hi All, I am working on to turn off connection mirroring on all the legacy VIPs which are causing application performance degradation. Is there a way to automate and discover virtual serv...
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    Oct 16, 2020

    Hello Macaron.

    You need to perform bash engineering. Some examples:

    tmsh list ltm virtual mirror | grep -B1 enabled
    tmsh list ltm virtual mirror | grep -B1 enabled | grep ltm | awk '{print $3}'
    tmsh list ltm virtual one-line all-properties | grep "mirror enabled" | awk '{print $3}'
    tmsh -q -c "cd / ; list ltm recursive one-line all-properties" | grep "mirror enabled" | awk '{print $3}'
    # This last one to capture VS located in different partitions.

    Regarding the 1000 records, you should not have any problem, but it's better to execute it when CPU/RAM consumption in management plane is low.