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Dec 07, 2010

Round Robin load balancing method only selects 2 nodes at once.



I have a load balancer pool with 3 nodes in it (a, b, c) set at ratio 1 and priority group 2.


The load balancing method is round robin, however sometimes it’s only a & b processing data, sometimes b & c, and sometimes a & c. This means that all machines are in fact capable of receiving data; but The problem is we can never get all 3 machines processing data simultaneously - a &b & c



What other configuration may be affecting the actual 'balancing'? or am I just misunderstanding Round Robin?



Thanks in advance for the help.





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  • Hi Julian,



    I'd guess this is due to persistence or client connection reuse. You can check SOL10430 for other ideas:



    SOL10430: Causes of uneven traffic distribution across BIG-IP pool members