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Feb 15, 2012

Root / Admin account





How do I findout which one is my root account in the LTM from the list of users

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  • i do not think root account is shown in user list. for admin account, its role should be administrator when running b user list.


    [root@ve1023:Active] config  b user simpson list
    user simpson {
       password crypt "$1$jjCcKoHz$zVeduDtzbmslgIR.520l7."
       description "simpson"
       group 500
       home "/home/simpson"
       shell "/bin/false"
       role administrator in all
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    Mmm... This is one area where I was disappointed in the move from v4 to v9...



    On v4 (BSD based) there were individual user accounts for the CLI. And each had a unique UID... And there was sudo do that you could customise what each user could do with bagpipe etc.



    On v9 (Linux based) for some reason sudo was removed, and all CLI accounts get a UID of 0. WHich is roots UID. (So it you ssh in as for example user 'hamish' and type 'who am i' or 'w' you'll see that you're now the user 'root' (Because the kernel knows you're UID 0 and does a reverse lookup in /etc/passed for it and finds the first entry. Which is root.



    As nitass says... The root user itself isn't shown in the GUI. You have to login to the CLI and cat /etc/passwd to see that.



    admin by default doesn't have terminal/CLI access. So you can see that although there's an entry in /etc/passwd the shell is /bin/false.



    (Surprisingly although admin users get a UID of 0, they still run things like postfix etc under their own UID).