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Aug 12, 2020

replace path with Policy Ltm or irule

Hi all

Im using my F5 BIGIP (v14) as reverse proxy to publish some websites by using local traffic policies.

But i need to perform a URL rewriting. To be specific, i need to strip a string from the URI path.

When applied as IRule it works correctly as I want:

when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [string tolower [HTTP::uri] ] starts_with "/path1" } { HTTP::uri [string map {"/path1/" "/"} [HTTP::uri]] } }

But when using local traffic policy it does not work as expected:

Replace - HTTP Uri - PATH ... with value... tcl:HTTP::uri [string map {"/path1/" "/"} [HTTP::uri]]

Am i doing something wrong? What would be the correct way?

PS:  I want replace path1 with an empty string

Thanks all!