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May 02, 2017

Replace blade 2 with single slot VCMP guest

Hi there, why is it that if we replace another slot besides slot 1(ex. 2) we need to migrate single slot VCMP guests to slot 1? Is there something special about slot 1? This would mean disabling existing single slot VCMP guests on slot 1. And if we have to disable existing single slot VMCP guests on slot 1 to accommodate swap, don't we have to re-deploy them? Thanks!




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  • There is nothing special with slot1. In a VIPRION system, all slots/blades have the same behavior.


    There will be a blade that acts as the primary blade. However, that can be any blade, as they talk with each other to elect one of the blades to be primary.


    vCMP guest behavior is similar to a VIPRION system. If you have a vCMP guest that only deployed in slot1, that would be the same as having a VIPRION with only one blade. In a VIPRION with only one blade, if you remove that blade, there will nothing to process traffic.


    Either you create redundancy for that guest (adding another slot), or you move the guest to another slot (and move back after). You can also get a UCS, recreate the guest after blade swap, and load the UCS.